WASHI - Crinkle Candle

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This fragrance evokes an image of freshly hand-crafted Japanese washi paper from a traditional mill nestled deep in the mountains with cedar forest all around. Washi paper is a traditional craft made from pure water and plant fibers. Thin enough to see the scenery through, with a soft, matte texture and a natural feel, washi paper conveys a sense of calm.

Top notes: Leather, cardamom
Mid notes: Geranium, ylang ylang, orris
Last notes: Hinoki, cedarwood


<Special features>
◇Unique, exquisite scents calling on 200 years experience.
・Easy to fit into anyone’s life style
・Provides a relaxing and calm feel
・Subtle, pleasant yet noticeable scent
・The product of the traditional fragrance culture of Japan

◇Using only domestically-sourced & plant-based ingredients.
・Soya wax, with palm oil and rapeseed oil base
・As candle wax dissolves at lower temperature, that allows the delicate scents to be fragrant beautifully
・No petrol-carbon soot
・Stable burn
・Cleaner burning; no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants

◇Created with traditional & craftsmanship high quality.
・1300 years of Seto porcelain making
・Finely crafted porcelain with high permeability
・Commitment to creating long-lasting products

◇Designed to appeal to everyone -versatile and organic-
・Capturing forms created by chance
・Objects with organic forms
・Designs with wit and warmth

■KITCHIBE Crinkle Candle
Using only domestically-sourced and plant-based ingredients (soy wax, perfume, not paraffin), Seto white porcelain
Contents: Each 180g size: φ82×H84mm burning time: Up to 40 hours  Made in Japan

designed by Makoto Komatsu